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Pair programming is a software development technique where two programmers work together at one workstation. One programmer (the “driver”) is writing code, while the other (the “observer”) is reviewing. Both switch roles frequently.

While reviewing, the observer comes up with ideas on how to improve the code, and gives advise on the strategic direction of the work. This frees the other party to focus all attention on the tactical aspects of implementing the current task. The observer acts as a safety net and guide.

Remote pair programming builds on the pair programming concept by not having the two parties sitting at one desk, but instead have them connect using a Remote Desktop sharing software. This is not commonly practiced today, also due to lack of suitable Software.

This is where Pairys innovates: It not only implements Remote Pair Programming, but a brand new technique called “Bidirectional Remote Pair Programming” (BRPP).

With BRPP, both programmers run a Dual-Screen setup. On the right screen they see their own code. Using the Pairys software the left screen instead is showing what the remote programmer is working on. Both programmers are equipped with Headsets, and therefore are able to do voice communication with each other.

Both programmers are also able to take over control of the remote programmer‘s screen, to assist in writing code or fixing bugs.

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